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Asset Goals

1. Interest

To pay distributions to asset holders at a high interest rate on a regular basis.

2. Convertibility

To keep orders on the books daily so users can convert to and from USD Plus.

3. Parity

To keep parity with the United States Dollar.

4. Transparency

To show what assets are held as a basis for convertibility and interest distributions. As well as to show historic distributions made to asset holders.

5. Safety

To diversify holdings across the most trusted exchanges and storage methods.


To maximize interest distributions to savers of our asset by lending USD into the BTC futures markets and BTC swap/lending markets at a high rate of return. This provides liquidity to bitcoin speculators making their costs lower and less volitile thereby creating efficiencies in the market that can help the bitcoin price to rise.


1. In a world of corruption based 0% and negative interest rates we are a leading advocate of free market interest rates by bringing their benefits to our asset holders. Savers of our asset can potentially have more price stability while still benefiting from speculators who are willing to take on additional bitcoin price risk.

2. We also benefit the Bitcoin ecosystem by providing the USD liquidity that Bitcoin speculators need to provide upward pressure to the Bitcoin price. This helps all bitcoin holders.

3. Our asset helps to facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges and contracts on the blockchain.


USD Plus is available on the NXT Platform.
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Asset Id: 426058338514204629
Nxt is an advanced blockchain platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Interest Distributions


7/16/2016 BTC Price $664.08
USD: $500.28
Bitcoin: 4.36756145 BTC ($2900.41)
Bitcoin(Margin): -6.91870937 BTC
Swap Short BTC: $5350 USD
Future Long BTC0624: $7000 USD